Top 5 Best Motherboards 2015

Every computer system has a motherboard because it’s one of the most important components. It boasts the memory, processor, and all the expansion features such as USB connectors, SATA connections, and PCI slots. There are different types available and they all come with different features and varying degrees of support for the diverse processors on the market. When shopping for a motherboard, you should examine it closely to see its right for your machine before making the purchase. We will look at the top 5 best motherboards 2015 to help you make the right decision.



This motherboard has features to turn any home computer into a real powerhouse. These include 32GB Max Memory DIMM DDR3, Intel Z77 Chipset, Bluetooth, Wireless, and support for Intel processors – second and third generation.

2. Gigabyte Z87

If you want a motherboard that is a solid performer and can give you more than just the average, this will be the right fit. It supports Windows 8/7 and features Intel Z87 chipset, 32GB DDR3 Max Memory, and 10 3.0 USB slots.

3. ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

This motherboard is great for any computer system that you want to become a powerhouse. It uses a variety of the most recent AMD processors and multiple video cards as well as come with lots of RAM, SATA connections (8), and USB connections (18). It’s also loaded with lots of useful special features such as electrostatic discharge protection, Thermal Radar, seamless BIOS upgrading, and a special heat-sink coating. This is definitely a very powerful motherboard that will give you many features for personalization.

4. Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

If you want to invest in a solid motherboard that is a mid-range performer, then this will be it. This comes with just about all the things that will turn a computer system into a powerhouse. It has support for multiple graphics cards and next generation AMD processors built-in as well as up to 3TB hard drives and lots of super-fast SATA and 3.0 USB connections. One of its neat features is the fact that USB ports can charge up tablet or smartphone three times faster.

5. MSI Micro ATX

You should consider this if you are looking for a budget label model. This is ideal for a back to basics computer, but it is offering some modern features such as Intel B85 Express Chipset, 16GB of Max Memory, HDMI, VGA, 6 USB ports, and more.

All the options on this top 5 best motherboards 2015 list can run a worthy computer. At the end of the day, the one you choose must be based on how much power you want to push, have the capacity create a highly reliable machine or offer functionality with your devices.

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