Samsung galaxy s6 edge review

Do you want a smartphone with curved edges? It is not new for smartphones to have curvature, but many believe that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a cool device. You can find out more in the following Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review.

Design and display screen.

This smartphone is good looking with a metal chassis and Corning Gorilla tempered glass back. It feels well-balanced and is pleasant to hold. It has Quad HD display of 5.1-inch that wraps around nearly all the width of the handset to make video watching a joy. The AMOLED resolution of 577ppi (2,560 x 1,440) is the best in the market today and this is obvious.

Samsung galaxy s6 edge

Features and software

Samsung has improved the TouchWiz interface for the Edge, offering less bothersome preloaded apps. These include an entire Google fodder folder with YouTube, Drives, Hangouts, and one of Microsoft – Skype, OneNote, and OneDrive.

There is a new feature called People Edge and it will allow five contacts to be registered with individual colors on the curved edge of the smartphone. Whenever the Edge is in a faced down position, the curved sides will light up to show the appropriate color for whoever is calling. Samsung claims that this will make it possible for you to see who is trying to contact you discreetly without having to interrupt your conversation. You will also have a chance to reject incoming calls by touching the heart rate sensor at the back of the phone. This will trigger a default reply text that the phone sends out without you having to flip over the handset. This is not a groundbreaking feature, but it will be fun to use.


At first glance it would seem that Samsung has not changed much for the Edge camera, but a cool new Quick Launch feature is added that will trigger access within 0.7 seconds once you tap twice on the home button. You will get incredibly sharp images when pictures are captured with the rear-facing 16MP lens. The 5MP front-facing lens will produce clear, well-defined images even in low-level light setting, complete with wide-angle lens of 120 degree.

Battery life and performance

The Edge has a disappointing battery life. This phone battery can drop to about 60% after the device is used to watch an odd video and check emails. Not brilliant considering that this is just for light to moderate use. Samsung claims that 10 minutes of charge using a regular charger will give four hours of extra power, which means that it will replenish quickly.
Octacore application processor will make light work of operating multiple apps. You will notice that the device gets mildly warm after lengthy video watching.

Verdict for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

Samsung has produced their first handset device that looks just as good as the iPhone. It is a joy to use with its exceptional camera, incredibly powerful features, and more. The battery life and price are some of its downsides.

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