New apple watch 2015

The new Apple Watch 2015 is a smart device that is compact and constructed beautifully. It features solid fitness software, the ability to receive and send calls through iPhone, and hundreds of apps. Here is a brief review:


Apple creates this new watch as an elegantly made technology that is wearable. When compared to other super slim gadgets from Apple, it feels somewhat chunky, but won’t look too big on the wrist. There is the Digital Crown, which is Apple’s special way to interface with the watch, can be seen to the side looking like a mini scrolling wheel. It can be clicked or turned to move smoothly and exquisitely. Another below is beneath it to bring up your favorite contacts or to double-click in order to trigger Apple Pay. It is available in two different sizes and three different models with six different finishes and a variety of swappable bands.

New apple watch 2015

What it can do

The watch will work primarily along with the smartphone as an extension, with a second screen. Its core functions include communication, information, fitness, and time, but users can still benefit from an ambitious amount of apps and features. You can use it to send text, receive and dictate messages, ping with animated emoji, make speaker phone calls, send heartbeat or give love taps to long-distance person. It tracks steps, monitors heart rate, logs runs, allows the listening of music using wireless Bluetooth headphones, tells time, has a brand-new force sensitive display.

Under the hood

It comes with a gyrometer, accelerometer, and a heart-rate monitor. Bluetooth 4.0 as well as 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi is needed for the watch to connect to your home network or phone. There is also a microphone and built-in speaker.

The Apple Watch comes with its main watch faces, as well as two levels of applications. There are Full-fledged applications and Glances, similar to the quick-glance app that will summarize iOS 8 pull-down menu (Today) or occasional cards which appear in the Android Wear. You would swipe upwards for Glances, downwards for notifications such as texts or alerts from Facebook/Twitter and click on Digital Crown button to get the home screen grid.

Once again, it needs the iPhone to carry out most of those things either to connect via Wi-Fi or be within a Bluetooth range of 30 feet or so.

Even though the watch is stunning and promising with ambitious features, there is still a lot to be desired as Apple attempts to do everything in first generation. It has short comings such as limited battery life, requiring iPhone 5 or a later version to work, an interface that can be confusing, communicating slow with paired iPhone device at times, and higher prices.

Bottom Line

This new Apple Watch 2015 is the most well-constructed and ambitious smartwatch out there. It’s an essential tool to have, although the first-generation shortfalls will make it feel like a fashionable gadget.

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