New Apple TV Review

There have been talks for a long time now about the possible release of a new Apple TV. If you want to get an idea about what to expect as well as to decide whether or not it would be right for you, this article will help to shed some light. This new Apple TV review is written to give a brief preview based on the recent evidence, speculation, and rumors.


It is not expected that much will change in the design of this Apple TV, but some reports suggest that it might have similar looks to Google’s Chromecast or Roku’s Streaming Stick. They are both available in stick-like form and can be plugged into a television. It is highly likely that this new Apple TV is going to have a smaller size, whether or not it’s made as a stick. It’s also possible that there are going to be some new options for color.

new apple tv

In addition, it is believed that the Apple TV will have a new remote and some type of motion control, thanks to the camera. The camera could be used to make FaceTime calls as well if Apple includes a microphone. If a microphone is added, the Apple TV would also offer a voice control option that is Siri-based.

iOS 8

The iOS 8 was introduced by Apple in June 2014, and it has some new features which could fit nicely with the new Apple TV. It will connect faithfully with OS X Yosemite, the next version of Apple’s Mac OS because of the new Continuity feature. It is believed that the Apple TV will have Continuity as well. This would allow users who are watching movies on iPhone devices while traveling to walk in their home and start to watch the same movies automatically on their television sets.


New channels are been added to the Apple TV continuously, but the UK’s on demand content is still missing. Many are hoping to see an improvement here with the new channel additions.

The new Apple TV could also have Apple’s latest Homekit smart home platform. This is developed to make use of home appliances which are connected, such as locks, lamps, and more for a more seamless and easier experience.


Like many Apple TV owners, you might want to see games on the device. Many developers are already creating iOS games, with Roku and Amazon FireTV devices offering quite a few, so this will be a good way for Apple to bring those games to the large screen. The iPhone or iPad would presumably be used as the game controller.

After reading this new Apple TV review you should have a better understanding about what to expect from the device.

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