Most useful apps for android phone

These days, the Android phones are delivering powerful performances and can be purchased for affordable prices. This has made them quite popular in the smartphone market, especially among consumers who love the powerful, yet simple design of their operating system. This article will look at the most useful apps for Android phone.

Most useful apps for android phone

Any.Do: This application can be used to create and organize To-Do-Lists. It will be very useful for persons who have busy lifestyles and don’t want to forget important tasks.

GO Applications: These apps include GO SMS, Contact, Theme, and more. They will allow you to take full control of your android system through effective management and a simple user interface. You can use them for free or pay to get premium packages if you want the premium features.

Angry Birds Series: This series is free mostly for Android phones. You can enjoy these very attractive games after downloading them directly from the Google Play Market.

Paper Camera: This is a small app that will allow you to add filters to images. There will be twelve unique effects for you to use and see how an image would look when pointing your camera. It also features sharing options.

Google Music: Google offers this application for Android users to upload music files from PC to Cloud. In recent times, Google Music also supports Mac systems as devices to upload music.

Instagram: This is a free app that you can use to take pictures, and then add some effects and filters to share with others on multiple social networks. The effects will not be powerful as the Paper Camera, but it is a fun image capturing app to play with.

Barcode Scanner: This is a useful app that can scan barcode on different products to give the original price and details. It’s an essential tool for anyone who loves to shop.

Task Killer: The Android devices supports multi-tasking and this is a very useful feature. However the applications will run continuously in the background to deplete the resources and power. A Task Killer app will help with this as you can touch a widget icon to close all the applications.

Titanium Backup: With this app, your phone can be backed up completely, from the user data, applications, SMS to phone log. If you want to use this application you have to get ROOT access.
File Manager: Some of the android phones are not equipped with the file manager application, but it can be very essential to have one. It can be used to organize, manage, or delete your personal files, including pictures and music, in both the external and internal storage.

All of these useful applications can help to make your Android phone a lot better.

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