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Amazon has been refining the Kindle e-reader over the years to improve the design, display, and features, adding things such as touchscreen-capabilities whilst ensuring that it offers excellent battery life and a lightweight form. Besides the smartphone, the Kindle Paperwhite is the most used device for many today. If you are yet to own one of these readers you can learn more about it in this Kindle Paperwhite review.

The Kindle Paperwhite has a slim, lightweight design that is nice looking, well-proportioned, and perfectly suited for single hand use. There are many things that you will love about this device, but perhaps its lightweight is the most important aspect as it allows easy transporting anywhere. It has a size that is just about the same as a paperback, but a lot slimmer with a weight of only 209g.

Displays are very important for mobile devices, but even more so with items like e-readers because they are intended to replace paper books. This will happen only if the reading experience on a device such as the Paperwhite is just as good, if not much better than the actual thing. There is a 6-inch e-ink display on this reader to make it one of the best on the market. Besides that, it has backlight settings that will give the actual feel of the real thing in some settings because you are able to use it to read in the dark.

kindle paperwhite

In addition, Amazon has retained a wide enough bezel around the device display to accommodate thumbs and fingers. This means you will not touch the display accidentally when reading. The contrast is also improved compared to the previous versions, so the images and text will seem more defined. Moreover, the backlight is more consistent now even when the device is on full power.

One of the things discovered while doing the Kindle Paperwhite review is that there is no internal speaker or headphone jack. This means you cannot use it to play audio books and music. It has just one function which is reading!

When it comes to battery life, you will get to benefit from around two to three hours every day after charging it fully one time a month. Simply put, the device will keep going and going for hours, lasting for weeks on a single charge.


The Kindle Paperweight will provide an exceptional reading experience overall. This will be a good thing if you love reading and you are getting a lot of books through Amazon Kindle store. There are other options out there for e-readers, many offering lots of bells and whistles, but the Kindle Paperweight will be the ideal choice if you want a device with an excellent display that is simple to use.

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