HP stream laptop reviews

When you are looking for super cheap laptops, there is no doubt that you’ll find the Chromebooks which have carved out a huge chunk of this market. PC makers and Microsoft has realized this, so the two join forces to create brand-new Windows laptops which are extremely affordable. This is where the HP Stream laptop comes in to offer a lot for less. If you are thinking of getting one of these devices, you can check out the HP Stream laptop reviews.

HP stream laptop reviews

At the moment, you will be able to choose from new HP Stream laptops which are smaller versions of the Stream 14. HP has not provided a lot of details for these new devices, but this is what you will find in the reviews.

The HP Stream laptop will come in two sizes, the 13.3 inch and the 11.6 inch. Both units will run on Celeron processors, offer HD displays and include eMMC flash memory of 32GB. In addition, they will work super quiet because there are no fans. HP has added Microsoft OneDrive 1TB space to supplement the Stream 11 32GB of storage for a year. You will also have Office 365 Personal for one year.

The 13.3 inch version will provide 200MB of 4G data free and this will replenish monthly. There will be no need for you to sign-up for a contract, but the carrier is not yet known. It is also not clear why this 13.3-inch variant is given this optional extra.

Both the 13.3 inch and the 11.6 inch HP Streams will be in Horizon Blue and Orchid Magenta. You will find that they look really cute. When it comes to how it feels, HP is offering a relatively light and thin laptop that weighs only 1.2 kilograms and is super portable. In terms of the ports, you will be getting a standard stocked notebook with an SD card slot, two USB ports, and a HDMI output.

HP claims that the 13.3 inch version of the Stream will offer seven hours and forty-five minutes of battery life for HD video playback, while the 11.6 inch offer eight hours and fifteen minutes under similar conditions.

Overall, the HP Stream laptop reviews are showing that it is a great affordable computer that is offering the best of both worlds. You will get the web that you are using already and can fall back on the Windows apps which you are likely to use in the future. Performance wise the Stream is not so forgiving, but its fine for basic tasks such as browsing the internet or word processing. It can also be very fun to use at times.

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