How to extend laptop battery life

Did you know that it is possible to get more battery life from your laptop if it’s turned off or everything that expends power is reduced? If not, you can use the tips below on how to extend laptop battery life if you are making plans to go on a long trip or maybe just want to use it on the road.

You can start by paying attention to your display. It will help if you lower the brightness level on the LCD. Set it at two (2) or three (3) bars when well-lit areas or outdoors on sunny days. Another thing is that you should try avoiding the OLED display if this is on your laptop. You should also turn the screen resolution down.

How to extend laptop battery life

Power management is one other thing to take seriously if you want more battery life. You can control this by using the built-in power management settings. Some of the things that you could do include:

• Disabling the Bluetooth
• Switching the wireless card off if you are not accessing your internet connection or network. Mac laptops have a power on and off button on top of the toolbar.
• Putting your laptop in hibernate or shut it down instead of using the standby as this will drain the energy.
• Defragging the hard drive.

Another important tip is for you to reduce the amount of open tasks. You should learn to do single task as a PC memory will use more power to store data when not in use. On the other hand, you can have several applications open in order to avoid loading data from the hard drive repeatedly if the laptop has a lot of memory. All applications which run in the background should be closed.

Run the simple applications which won’t use a lot of processing power, disk drive or RAM. Instead of the RAM heavy MS Word and processor, you should use a simple or basic text editor. The heavy applications such as movie watching or games are extremely hard on laptop battery.

The environment where you use the laptop can also affect the battery. You should avoid the extreme temperatures as batteries depend on basic chemistry and generally die faster in such conditions. Try to use as well as charge the battery for your laptop at room temperatures. You should also make use of a cooling pad whenever the computer is on your laptop.

Last but not least, the battery should be kept fresh. If batteries are not used soon after charging they will leak power. Try not to charge the battery all the way. Set the maximum limit for charge at 80 to 85% rather than charging the battery at 100% all the time. In the long run, this will help by lowering the battery degradation.

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