How to clean your iphone

All electronic items such as cell phones must be kept free of dust and completely clean for them to function properly. Apple wants to ensure that users get the most from their products, which include iPhone, so they caution against using harmful cleaners on their electronic devices. This article has more information on this if you need to know how to clean your iPhone safely to maintain its optimum performance.

Start by unplugging your iPhone from all external power sources, USB cables, devices or earphones. The phone should be disconnected completely from the computer for safe cleaning.

How to clean your iphone

After that, you should press and then hold the wake/sleep button down. If you don’t know what this button is, you can check the instruction booklet. Drag the red-colored slider with your finger across the screen. This slider will pop up once the wake/sleep button is held down for two to four seconds. The iPhone will be turned off at this point.

Get a soft dust and lint free cloth and dampen it to start cleaning. You can overlook this step if you are in possession of the cleaning cloth that comes with the iPhone. When wiping the touch screen, you should do this gently and avoid getting any water in the port or jack openings. Allow the iPhone to dry completely by air after cleaning. The process will take only a few minutes.

Ensure that you avoid abrasive cleaning towels, cloths, paper towels, and other related items that can damage the device. Bear in mind that the iPhone should be cleaned immediately after it comes in contact with any contaminant that can cause stains, including ink, makeup, dyes, dirt, oils, lotions, and food.

You can press back the wake/sleep button to turn on your phone. The Apple logo will appear on screen to show when the iPhone is switched on.

Here are some important tips and warnings:

Your iPhone should not be cleaned with aerosol or liquid cleansers which contain ammonia, alcohol, or any other abrasive components. These common window and household cleaners can cause harm to the touch screen.

You should not touch the phone if your fingers have oil. A case will come handy here as it can help to reduce the amount of dirt or pollutant that comes in contact with the device.

Try not to immerse your phone in water or even use it in very wet areas such as a swimming pool. The inner workings of the phone can be damaged by the moisture. If the phone gets wet, you should disconnect the cables, switch it off and then leave it to dry.

In the event that the iPhone device is damaged by water and it’s not turning on after drying, you should get in touch with an authorized service provider.

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