How much does it cost to fix an iphone screen

When you have a high-end gadget there is no doubt that you’ll try to be very careful and ensure that you don’t drop it. However, something like this always happen, especially to the iPhone devices. If you have one of these devices and it drops accidentally, then you might want to know how much it would cost to fix the screen. Read on to find out.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix an IPhone Screen

It is hard to give one answer to this question, because there are many reasons why you might want to fix the screen on your iPhone. In most cases, the effects of accidental drops are not so serious, but in certain cases the iPhone screen can be cracked or shattered completely.

How much does it cost to fix an iphone screen

The cost to repair a broken iPhone screen will depend entirely on factors such as the model, warranty, and the type of damage. It will generally cost about eighty to one hundred dollars to fix a broken screen. This cost can be more based on the damage and phone model. If you take your phone to an authorized

Apple service center, you could pay two hundred to three hundred dollars.

Most service providers offer iPhone screen repair and replacement solutions for a low cost, but it will be important for you to know a few things before contacting them. This includes:
Knowing the exact problem and paying attention to the model.

The phone’s model is the one significant factor that will help to determine the repair cost. For instance, it is easier to fix the iPhone 3G and 3Gs models when compared to iPhone 4. With the latter, even the LCD display will need replacing and this ultimately makes the fixing cost a lot higher. You should find out the phone problem to know the cost. The newer models will cost more to repair.

Checking to see if the phone is still covered by warranty.

Unfortunately, the usual warranty that comes with iPhone devices does not provide coverage for accidental damages. This means that iPhone screens with cracks cannot be fixed freely. It is important to note that the original warranty on the phone will be voided automatically if the device is opened by an unauthorized service center besides Apple. You need to check your warranty first before you take to a repair shop. If the warranty is still available, then you should take it directly to Apple.

Check to see if it’s possible to fix the iPhone screen on your own.

Although this might not sound like a good thing, there are times when do-it-yourself tricks can help. However, you should not attempt to do this if you are not completely confident because the task might require a little expertise.

All in all, there is not a foolproof solution for you to prevent iPhone screen damage so you just have to be more careful.

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