Gopro Hero 4 Review

Are you planning to get one of the powerful and versatile GoPro Hero 4 devices? If so, you can find some useful information in the following review that is highlighting important differences between the silver and black versions.

A Brief GoPro Hero 4 Review

The camera you use, whether for shooting stills or videos, will determine the type of results that you get. You can enjoy many benefits if you choose the best quality device. If you are using the GoPro Hero 4 device, you will get to enjoy great features which include a brand-new audio system with improved sound. There is also an improved user-interface, LED strips and super-fast Wi-Fi connectivity to help ensure that you are getting the most from your hobby or profession.

This camera will be exactly what you need to capture the best professional quality videos. The built-in touch display is one of its standout features. This means you won’t need any additional accessory to compose as well as watch footages in playback with the camera. When you want to capture video or skills efficiently in extreme environments the Hero 4 Silver will be great. After all, one of the best reasons to invest in this type of camera is to get the highest quality video.

gopro hero 4

Aside from the superior quality, another good reason to invest in the camera is because of its great visual design. The Hero 4 Black has similar looks to the 3+ Black, but it has a cleaner appearance especially with the LEDs positioned beside the LCD. Many users say that Hero 4 Silver device is the most visually appealing model so far. The improvements made by GoPro have enhanced the look of both the black and silver HERO 4’s, plus they are also a lot easier to use.

Speaking of use, this camera offers more convenience and you are able to benefit from higher control of color, ISO limit and sharpness. With improved exposure control, your photo and video will be enhanced significantly. There are Night Photo and Night Lapse modes available for you to shoot wonderful scenes with great exposure. This model also has a convenient waterproof casing that will enable you to take it everywhere, which is a very good thing for anyone who loves outdoor activities.

Last but not least, the new rating facility will give you more proof that it’s the right camera for you. You have the option to rate shots in order to decide on the best ones to keep. To make the editing easier, you can just hit the on-camera button while recording. The QuickCapture mode will be very helpful when you want to take shots of wildlife, sports, and action. You could capture spontaneous activities as well.

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