Apple watch vs fitbit surge

Apple is attempting to enter the growing market of fitness wearables. If you are thinking about getting one of these devices, you can read on below to see how this watch compares to Fitbit Surge, which isone of their closest rivals.

Apple watch vs fitbit surge

Apple Watch VS Fitbit Surge


The Surge is actually the first device from Fitbit with a proper display, featuring a monochromatic touchscreen of 1.25-inch and a backlight for viewing at nighttime. It also works great in the sunlight with readable, sharp text and information displayed clearly.

Apple stands out with their display, adding the Macbook Retina technology and iPad/iPhone lines. It has a bright, sharp touchscreen with heavy pixel and pressure sensitive features.


Apple Watch is more fashion oriented and easy on the eyes with an aluminum body, tough Ion-X glass cover with the Retina display and the standard rubber strap. It’s also sweat resistant. On the other hand, the Fitbit Surge is built ruggedly to handle the strain of everyday activity. Its wristband is built with a flexible rubbery material with the buckle having a small amount of aluminium and some premium finish. This has an improvement over Apple’s Watch in the form of 5 ATM water resistant.

Fitness hardware

Fitbit Surge is at the front here as they offer on-board GPS that is important for runners to keep accurate tracks of their steps and routes, even without connection to a phone.

A heart rate sensor is another good hardware addition and this is available on both the Surge and Apple Watch. The Surge has a pretty impressive optical heart rate sensor that stores data every five seconds when doing everyday business and one second intervals during exercise.


Apple Watch stands out from Fitbit Surge with the WatchKit addition as well as the developer’s ability to create extra apps. This does not mean that the Surge has bad software. Its operating system is very easy to navigate and focuses mainly on fitness tracking. Fitbit’s platform comes with generous third-party application support as well, which means that functionality increases once the developers continue with the support.

Battery Life

Apple claims that the watch will deliver around seven hours of power while in the workout mode and the heart rate sensor is active. This time seems long enough for most activities. The Surge will perform a lot better here as it is giving around five days of power on a single charge, even when the heart rate sensor picks up data constantly.

Verdict for Apple Watch VS Fitbit Surge

The two devices have overlapping features, but they are very different. The Apple Watch is a smart device with some impressive looking features for fitness, while the Fitbit Surge device is designed to focus on fitness and comes with several smartwatch features.

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